Men Think Sex Is The Best Way To Make Up After A Fight- Women Would Rather See Tears

Every couple disagrees sometimes, but it turns out men and women have very different ideas about how one should apologize following a disagreement once you go beyond the obvious. A study published in the journal Evolutionary Psychological Science asked 164 young adults about what they considered the best way for their partner to make up with them after a fight. Both men and women agreed the best way to reconcile after a row was to talk about it. Apologizing, compromising, and spending time together also all got high scores. But men also thought that their partner doing something nice for them, such as a household chore, giving a compliment, or offering sex was an effective way of making up. Women, on the other hand, said they preferred an apology, or even for their other half to shed a few tears. In general, researchers say the differences mirror previous research about mating strategies– that men tend to seek out opportunities for sex while women look for emotional connections. (Business Insider