Eight Things That Make You Seem Classy, and Five That Don’t

What are the top things you can do to make someone think you’re CLASSY? This survey was done in England. But that’s almost better, since we think they’re the AUTHORITY on class. Say anything in a British accent, we’re impressed.

According to the survey, here are eight things that make you seem classy . . .

1. Going to the opera. 76% said it’s classy.

2. Going to the ballet, 72%.

3. Going to an art exhibit, 50%.

4. Going to a spa, 38%.

5. Going to the theater, 36%. That seems a little low.

6. Going to a museum, 18%.

7. Going to a Casino, also 18%.

8. Eating at a nice restaurant, 12%.

A few things that DON’T make you seem classy include going to the movies . . . seeing live music, except maybe classical . . . seeing live stand-up comedy . . . going to bingo night . . . and having dinner at a bar. (YouGov)