Study: Just Two Drinks Can Make You Act Like A Total Jerk

What type of drunk are you? A new study finds it takes just two alcoholic beverages to inhibit functioning in your prefrontal cortex—the area of the brain that deals with social behavior and decision making. Researchers gave 50 young men either two vodka-based drinks or a placebo, and then had them play a game meant to bring out their aggressive tendencies. They also all got MRI scans of their brains. The data showed when the men chose to act aggressively, the MRIs of guys who’d been drinking showed a drop in activity of their prefrontal cortex, while the placebo group did not experience this change. Dominic Pratt, Director at the Center for Research on Interpersonal Violence, who was not involved in this study, explains, “When we’re sober, we can inhibit our behavior, put our foot on the brake pedal. But when we drink, there’s that disinhibition of alcohol taking out foot off the brakes.” (Men’s Health