How to Make Friends as an Adult

Many studies have shown the benefits of friendship, which helps protect our brains and bodies from stress, anxiety and depression, and combat loneliness, which has been found to raise someone’s risk of dying early by 26 percent. You don’t need to have a whole gang of friends either, with research suggesting the benefit comes from only between four and five close friends. But making friends becomes harder when you get older, so what can you do to try to meet new pals? Start by remembering how you first met some of your closest friends. Take part in activities or causes that you enjoy, by doing things like taking classes or volunteering.¬†Time¬†writes: “Common passions help people bond at a personal level, and they bridge people of different ages and life experiences.” Then once you meet someone, you have to screw up your courage a bit to invite them to do something, since there’s always a fear of rejection. Don’t worry if it doesn’t happen at once, the process can take time and there may be false starts, but it’s worth it in the end. Having a tougher time making friends is also a good reason to nurture the friendships you already have. One good idea is to start by scheduling a weekly phone call with friends. (Time)