(More) Realistic Marriage Vows You Didn’t Think to Make at Your Wedding

1.  I will never fart under the covers before you climb into bed. ― @moooooog35

 2. I vow to always hate the same people on House Hunters as you do. ― @simoncholland

 3. I promise to listen to that one story from college that you’ve told 100 times, and still laugh. ― @FatherWithTwins

 4. I promise to never think about or even attempt to wash your clothes or put them in the dryer. ― @deegeemindi

 5. I promise to call and confirm that you really don’t want anything from the store. ― @iwearaonesie

 6. My commitment to you is that I will never leave my food wrappers on the counter inches away from the trash bin. ― @WalkingOutside

 7. I promise to keep the house full of wine, especially after we have kids. ―@FatherWithTwins

 8. I promise to warn you that there are nachos on the bed before you sit down. ―@iwearaonesie

 9. I promise not to ever think about or touch the decorative towels hanging up. ― @deegeemindi

 10. I vow to always breathe the other way in bed. ― @WalkingOutside