Dating Deal Breakers

1. They’re Always Distracted. Whether it’s checking their notifications, scrolling through Instagram, or answering a phone call at the table, a no-brainer deal breaker is somebody who can’t keep his or her eyes on the prize: you.

 2. They Live Far Away. While it’s important to keep an open mind, more often than not a long-distance courtship will only prove to take weeks or months longer than an IRL relationship to reveal the fact that, yep, it’s just not working.

 3. They Have Bad Personal Hygiene. Anyone who smells foul – whether it’s because they smoke constantly or don’t believe in personal hygiene – should stop focusing on dating, and start focusing on themselves.

 4. They’re Allergic to Your Pet. You know your pet. You love your pet. You’ve already figured out how to make your life work with your pet. Do you really need a potential suitor coming in and messing with your pet-to-parent relationship? Nah, I don’t think so.

 5. Their Kissing Skills Are Subpar. Feeling affection from someone else can be difficult if the chemistry just isn’t clicking…or even worse, they have terrible breath! Don’t settle for sloppy or subpar smooching skills.

 6. They’re Kind Of Mean. If your date is mean, rude, or just keeps cutting you off, don’t continue the conversation.

 7. They Talk About Their Exes 24/7. While you’ll probably need to discuss exes down the line if things get serious, a date who constantly talks about or takes jabs at their ex is a serious red flag. Find someone who is ready to focus on the future: you!