How to Get a Guy to Like You – By Not Doing These Things

1. Oversharing on social media. “Girls who post their entire lives to social media. My ex was/is constantly complaining about her life on Twitter, or posting every little thing about her relationships. When I was with her she’d post about the nice things I’d do for her, or gives me subtle jabs when we were arguing, or asked me to pose for Snapchat stories. I gave in most times, but I really hated having MY relationship broadcast like it’s everyone’s business.”

  2. Relentless jealousy. “Endless, baseless suspicion. She would constantly go through my phone, badger me to account for every minute of my time spent out of her sight, and remind me at least once a week that if I cheated she was out.”

 3. Being a loner. “I dated a girl whose only friend was her parrot. In retrospect that was a red flag–along with laying on the floor in fetal position during an argument.”

 4. Being insecure and needy. “Complete lack of self confidence, using that to shamelessly fish for compliments, and rejecting those compliments every time.”

 5. Complaining for the sake of complaining. “Complaining about things that can be changed with some effort, and also showing a total unwillingness to do anything to change the things they complain about, even when presented with ways to fix it.”

 6. Still being friends with an ex. “If they are still actively hanging out with their ex, drop them.

 7. Getting a little too close to your pet. “I love animals, but if you let the dog make out with you, nope. I see a lot of people doing this. Dogs lick their butts and sometimes eat their poop. Go figure.”