Signs He’s Probably a Serial Cheater

1. He doesn’t introduce you to anyone important in his life. If he’s not introducing you to anybody in his family or circle of friends, that is a good potential indicator that there is something he’s hiding from you, or hiding you from someone else.

 2. He’s unavailable a lot of the time and the excuses are vague. Serial, relentless cheaters need a decent amount of nights to actually cheat, and the smoother they are about working late or last-minute study sessions, the easier it is for them to do it.

 3. He gets shockingly protective of his phone. It’s not cool to snoop on your partner, but there’s a big difference between memorizing your partner’s lock code, and just casually letting them know “hey, you got a text from Steve!” No innocent person freaks out at the latter….unless “Steve” is really Hallie from work who they made out with twice.

 4. He goes through patterns of either suddenly being a Boyfriend of the Year or picking fights over everything. If he’s not the type to bring home thoughtful gifts every night of the week for no reason, there might be a reason.

 5. You were the other woman with him at one point. For the most part: if he could so easily and guiltlessly do it to her, what on earth makes you think he wouldn’t do the same to you?

 6. You just really, really feel that something is off. If you’re really distrusting of him, and you’re not normally a distrusting person, then, that would be a good indication that there is reason to be concerned.