Reasons You’re Still Single

1. High Standards. Some people call this “picky.” If you’re single and you still haven’t found the right one even though there are options available, then this may be you. How long has it been since you last had a relationship? Weeks? Months? Years?

 2. Desperation. There’s nothing more unattractive than desperation. If it seems like the more you chase after a relationship, the more it seems to run from you, you could be projecting desperation into your love life.

 3.  Playing It Safe. If you’re sitting down and waiting for love to come knock on your door, or if you have a fixed idea on how a relationship will/should materialize for you, then this is you. Quit confining yourself and start getting out there.

 4. Fear of Being “Tied Down.” You enjoy your independence and don’t want to lose it. If you’ve had a relationship in the past where you had clingy, desperate partner that made their whole life about you and you couldn’t have your own life as well, then this most likely applies to you.

 5.  You’re Uninterested in a Relationship. If you’re happily single and past relationships just haven’t been worth the time and effort, then this is the category you fall into.

 6. Not Giving Enough. You’ve presumably had a few serious relationships before, relationships that you thought would last, but just seemed to fall down. If this rings a bell and especially if you’ve struggled with reasons #4 and #5 in the past then you may be holding back form your partner.