Punxsutawney Phil Tweets

It’s Groundhog Day, so naturally, Punxsutawney Phil is pretty busy. Yet he still snuck in some time for Twitter. Here are The Top Punxsutawney Phil Tweets.

  • Poke head out of hole. Look for shadow. Go back in and sleep for another year. Get Money. #ThugLife
  • Sorry @alroker, I’m the only huggable little fella that predicts weather.
  • They say I’m only right 39% of the time. I say it’s good enough to be president!
  • As a matter of fact, my favorite Bill Murray movie is “Caddyshack”.
  • I live on Gobbler’s Knob, which sounds like the title of a Stormy Daniels movie.
  • February 3rd is to me what December 26th is to Santa.
  • Do you really still need to wake me up at all hours to tell you the weather? What the hell is the Internet for?
  • Stupid little squirrels just sitting there fat shaming me.
  • You think you’re gonna wake me up and parade me around in freezing temperatures, and I’m gonna give you an early spring? Keep dreaming.
  • Trump said I live in an S-hole gopher hole.