Here Are Five Stupid New Dating Terms

Is modern dating REALLY so complicated that we need to invent a whole new dictionary for it?

According to the dating site Plenty Of Fish, here are FIVE new dating terms that are starting to get thrown around. Check ’em out . . .

1. Flexting. That’s bragging A LOT when you’re messaging with someone before you meet them. And men are more likely to do it . . . 63% of women say they’ve gotten those kinds of messages, versus just 38% of men.

2. Cricketing. That’s when you go days without responding to a text. It’s happened to 67% of people.

3. Ghostbusting. This is when someone tries to ghost you, but you won’t let them . . . and you just keep hammering them with messages until they finally respond. 38% of people say someone’s ghostbusted them in the past.

4. Serendipidating. That’s when you put off a date just to give yourself a little extra time to meet someone better. One-third of people have done that.

5. Fauxbae’ing. That’s when someone pretends to have a significant other on social media when they’re single, usually to make their ex jealous. 19% of people have seen someone do it. (Business Insider)