Calling Your Parents More Often Could Make Them Live Longer

If this doesn’t guilt you into calling your mom more often, I don’t know what will . . .

According to a recent study on loneliness, calling your parents more often could actually help them LIVE longer.

Researchers followed 1,600 older adults for six years, and kept an eye on how lonely and isolated they felt. The average age in the study was 71.

And people who showed signs of loneliness were significantly more likely to die over the course of the study.

In six years, 23% of the people who felt isolated passed away, compared to 14% of the ones who were more social. And according to the researchers, even something as simple as a phone call might help.

Obviously we’ve known for a while that keeping up with friends and having an active social life can help you live longer. But apparently it doesn’t have to be face to face.

Just calling or Skyping more can help too. (Reader’s Digest / JAMA)