This Year’s Trendiest Foods

According to new data from the State of the Restaurant Industry Report for 2018, these are going to be the trendiest foods of the year:

1. Jackfruit – it has a relatively neutral flavor profile, it makes for the ideal vegan meat replacement because it also has a consistency that’s similar to chicken or pork so you can slice it up for salads and yogurts, or dice it up into a BBQ pulled jackfruit sandwich

2. Cauliflower – as an alternative to meat (NEVER!)
3. Charcoal – has been darkening up cocktails with spirits such as rum and a little pineapple juice, or lighter combos like gin and fresh lemon juice. The activated ingredient is used to draw impurities out of the body. (And here we were just using it to grill burgers)

4. Coconut – found in everything from smoothies to cake and curry, has also seen immense growth. (Plus it makes a heckuva pie)
5. Charcuterie (so that’s how you spell that)
6. Brisket

7. Coffee (I Was Waaaaay ahead of the curve on this one)

8. Edamame
9. Mead

10. Pho (Pho sure)