Vets: Pet Owners In The U.S. Should Be More Worried About Dog Flu

 Humans are aware of how brutal a flu season we’re having, but vets say you should be more worried about how your dog is doing when it comes to canine flu outbreaks in some parts of the U.S. Cornell University’s Dr. Amy Glaser says there have been pockets of dog flu reported in Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee, southwest Ohio and parts of central coastal California. Canines can catch two different strains of the virus: H3N8, and H3N2, and unfortunately almost all dogs who get exposed to either strain will become infected. Though most cases will be mild, it’s important to contact your vet to get a diagnosis if you notice your dog is coughing, has a runny nose, is lethargic, has a fever, and/or reduced appetite. Only about ten percent of infected dogs will die from the virus. (UPI