Surprising Facts About The State Of The Union

With President Trump giving his first State of the Union Address tonight, it’s the perfect time for The Top Surprising Facts About the State of the Union.

  • The first one was delivered by George Washington, and it just said, “Hey, we’re not British anymore.”
  • You’re only watching to see if at some point the Leader of the Free World says, “Yeah, I banged a porn star.”
  • Hillary Clinton has given at least a dozen of them in front of her bathroom mirror since November of 2016.
  • Rebuttals are traditionally given by the whiny little babies who can’t accept that they lost the last election.
  • Nancy Pelosi gets ready for it by taking her face to the finest sculptors in D.C.
  • Members of the opposition party are frisked for laser pointers before entering the building.
  • It’s typically less political than the Grammys.
  • Contrary to what you saw on Broadway, George Washington did not deliver his in rhyme while accompanied by background dancers.
  • The Constitution specifically prohibits presidents from using the State of the Union speech to give away “Game of Thrones” spoilers.
  • Ronald Reagan famously surprised the country by forgoing a traditional speech for a 40-minute presentation on why “227” is the best show ever.
  • MSNBC’s broadcast of Trump’s speech tonight will have a laugh track.
  • Because there are women in the room, Mike Pence had to get permission to attend from his mother.
  • Before television, Americans didn’t have to pretend to care about it.
  • The White House releases an extended dance version on iTunes.
  • If at any time the president gets stuck, he is allowed one phone-a-friend.