Modern Shopping Habits Are A Compulsive Disorder Nobody’s Talking About

Do you actually think before you spend money on stuff, or no? Peter Schofield is a psychology professor who specializes in consumer decision making and behavior. He says for some people shopping is not something that can easily be controlled and is used as a coping mechanism for anxiety and low self-esteem. Compulsive shoppers are unable to resist a strong inner urge to make repeated purchases and to spend excessively, even when they can’t afford to do so, or have no use for the product they buy. These types of shoppers make up about five percent of the adult populations in developed countries and are predominantly young women in low income groups. Schofield adds, “The consequences of compulsive buying behavior can be just as severe as other types of addiction – such as alcoholism and problem gambling – with people falling into serious debt and their relationships falling apart.” He urges health professionals to recognize the addiction and offer cognitive behavioral therapy if possible. (Daily Mail