If He Does These 5 Things on a Date, You Don’t Want Him in Your Life

1. Focusing on His Phone. Scott, a bar owner in Kansas City, Missouri, watches a lot of awkward first dates. From his vantage point, the number one indicator of a go-nowhere date is a pair of people looking at their phones.

 2. Complaining about an Ex. Taunya, a financial expert, is recently separated and plans to start dating again in 2018. She says she’s hoping to meet a man who is authentic and takes responsibility for his decisions and actions. Men who kvetch about their exes will not be considered.

 3. Not Making an Effort. While it’s nice to keep a first date casual, you still want to meet up somewhere with more ambiance than a bus station says, Susan, a New Jersey life coach. She also makes note of the way men dress-a jacket and tie isn’t required, but she does need a sense that the man made an effort. 

 4. Bailing on Plans. Andrew, a college professor from Florida, says that if a date cancels on him, he is unlikely to reschedule.

 5. Treating You Like an Amazon Purchase. Julie, a matchmaker, recalls the man who felt compelled to express his dissatisfaction with her appearance. “He looked at me with an unsmiling face and said, “Hi. So when were your online photos taken? You look a lot older than your photos.” While Julie admits that one of her many photos was a bit dusty, his brazen rudeness told her all she needed to know. She excused herself and left.