When to Tell Your Family about Your Relationship

The point at which you choose to talk about someone you’re seeing depends on your family dynamic, how serious the relationship is, and your own personality. Even if you are a private person, you’ll likely tell your parents eventually. But what about your extended family? Responses here ranged from one month to six, but almost everyone agreed that you don’t need to do it until you’re pretty serious about the relationship.

 This guy thinks you should see the relationship going somewhere before you tell your extended family. I waited around a month, just so I could make sure it was going to last before I told them about it. – Andrew, 21

 This guy chose a time when he wouldn’t have to answer a ton of questions. I waited about four months, but most importantly until after the holidays so the rest of my family wouldn’t bombard me with questions. – James, 22

 This guy suggests waiting until you think your partner might actually meet your extended family. I think you should tell them only if you genuinely think they will meet the SO, so for me at least six months. But usually my mom will mention it to them before that. – Gil, 22

 This guy says once your relationship has a clear label, you should tell your family. I think that in general you should tell your extended family about your new relationship once you and your significant other have determined what you both are to each other and how you’re labeling your relationship. I think that once you have decided you are in fact dating, it’s cool to then tell your family. – Brian, 23