Top Things That Stress Rednecks

Psychologists say anxiety is on the rise in America . . . and rural areas aren’t immune. Here are The Top Things That Stress Rednecks.

  • Kid Rock announcing that he’s really NOT running for office.
  • Carnivals might start using robots to run Tilt-a-Whirls.
  • When WWE SmackDown AND Monster Trucks come to town on the same night.
  • When the last door falls off their 1982 Chevette.
  • Prolonged droughts that leave the ground too dry for muddin’.
  • Have you seen the price of a can of Skoal lately???
  • Getting a flat tire . . . on the house.
  • Wondering if their pregnant sister is going to ask them to come on the “Maury” show.
  • Going into a Walmart and discovering the bathroom DOESN’T have a meth lab.
  • Going into a store and discovering they only sell wine in bottles.
  • Dentists.