Things Men Need to Feel Connected In Love

1. Space. Women naturally want to decrease space to create connection, which often makes men feel suffocated and overwhelmed.  It is important for men to communicate that by having this space it makes them a better partner.

 2. Affection. Let her know you like to be touched, kissed, or that when she rubs your shoulders after a rough day, you feel loved. Under that confident, strong, and manly exterior is still the heart of a boy that needs to feel loved – and that is a really good thing!

 3. Respect. In order to achieve a sustainable loving relationship bond with a woman, it is critical that she respects him. Acting with integrity, sharing values, building trust, and demonstrating respect for her is a great way to garner respect.

 4. Understanding. It is easier for women to understand men’s need to work so much when you can communicate how important your work is, not only to you as a confident, contributing member of society, but as a part of the partnership and the future you are building together.

 5. Sex (duh!). Men want to feel connected and sex is the primary way they experience that. Help your partner to understand this by talking with her about how you feel connected and loved when you have sex. Show her lots of non-sexual physical love as well by hugging her often or just reaching out and holding her hand.

 6. To add value. Men by nature are problem solvers. Women just like to share, to talk things through and to feel heard. If you can shift your understanding to know that by simply being present and actively listening to your partner, you are adding value, then you will be miles ahead of most.