Eating Lots of Curry Could Boost Your Memory and Overall Happiness

According to a new study, eating lots of CURRY could improve your memory, and boost overall happiness. (The study didn’t look at how it might affect your BOWELS. But hey, live dangerously.)

It has to do with a compound called curcumin.

One of the ingredients in curry is turmeric. And curcumin is what makes it so yellow.

Researchers spent 18 months tracking the cognitive abilities of people between 51 and 84. Some took a curcumin supplement, while others got a placebo.

And the ones who took the supplement showed noticeable improvements in memory and attention span. Some even had a mild boost in their overall happiness.

It’s not clear why it helped. The study was with a small group, and they’re planning to do a bigger one with more people. But they think it might have something to do with reducing inflammation in your brain.

If you don’t like curry, you can buy turmeric powder and add it to your food. Or you can try taking curcumin supplements. (UCLA / Newsweek)