Things to Never Say When Arguing with Your Spouse

Things to Never, Ever Say When Arguing with Your Spouse

Why Can’t You Be More Like…?  Comparing your spouse to someone else, be it a sibling or parent or even a neighbor, can be incredibly damaging, as it raises the idea that who that person is isn’t good enough in the marriage. And it can begin to cause one or the other partner to begin to withdraw from the relationship.

You’ve Really Let Yourself Go  In an argument, you never want to criticize your significant other for something that they can’t help about themselves. Whether it’s extra love handles or an overly large nose, things that are beyond their control should never be commented on during an argument.

I Should Have Married… Bringing up past lovers is a no-no. Not only is it unnecessary and irrelevant, but it can also cause irreparable harm as, even long after the argument is over. This can be an especially cruel blow for husbands. They don’t want to be compared financially, they don’t want you to compare their sexual abilities. Those are things that will really lead to problems.

You’re Just Like Your Mother/Father  This is a card that men tend to play fairly regularly, but women can use it too. It tends to come up in the cases of couples that don’t get along with the mother or father of their significant other. Drawing a negative correlation between your spouse and one of their parents is a surefire way to take an argument to another, even more unhealthy, level.

I Never Loved You.  Of all of the things that can be said during the heat of an argument, this is one that must be avoided at all costs, because it’s next to impossible to come back from. Even if you don’t mean it, saying it even once will plant a seed of doubt in the other person’s mind that will never really go away.