Ways Your First Love Alters Your Brain – Permanently

1. It embeds vivid memories in your brain. These moments, like most that happen with first love encounters, engage all the senses at once, creating a unique combination of emotion and surprise that embeds itself in the brain forever. Details remain as clear as the day it happened and inspire a powerful emotional response. Flashbulb memories are known to decorate our first love experience, making them more memorable.

 2. Your first love becomes an extension of yourself. We were innocent and willing to give our first love our all. As we grew closer, they began to feel less like a separate person and more like an extension of ourselves. It was a profound experience and one that typically cannot be replicated after heartbreaks and internal wounds teach us not to let others in quite as deeply.

 3. You create a mold you measure your future lovers against. When we encounter someone who reminds us of our first love, whether on a conscious or subconscious level, they light up our attraction sensors like a Rockefeller Christmas tree. Part of our brain is so eager to recreate the excitement and novelty of that first time, we seek out partners who fit the mold of our ex. This is sometimes seen as transference.

 4. It helps us define what love is.

Falling in love that first time changes our perception of what’s possible. Our first experience of being in love with someone who loves you back is so new and unfamiliar that the two of you have to explore the unknown together to reach a conclusion about what love is. The two essentially create an identical map of how love should go and refer back to it again and again with each new relationship. In other words, these first experiences are responsible for how we define love and navigate its murky waters.