Seven Signs Your Cat Likes You

It’s pretty easy to tell if a dog likes you or not, but cats are a little harder to read. Here are seven signs your cat really does like you, and considers you part of ITS family . . .

1. They purr a lot and seem pretty calm when you pet them. That’s an obvious one.

2. They bring you stuff, like toys or dead animals. Those aren’t really “gifts,” but they bring them to spots where they feel secure. So it means they feel safe with you.

3. They get in your personal space a lot. When they rub up against you, they’re trying to cover you in pheromones to tell other cats you’re already theirs.

4. They knead on you with their claws. Licking you and lightly biting you can also be signs that they like you and feel comfortable.

5. They roll over and show you their stomach. It’s a sign of trust.

6. They stare at you, and slowly wink or blink their eyes. That’s another sign of trust. You can respond by slowly blinking back at them.

7. They greet you with their tail up. It means they feel confident and happy around you. When they carry their tail down low, it usually means they’re nervous. Especially if it’s tucked under their body. (Cosmo / Hill’s)