Men Get Way More Leisure Time Than Women

Women now have less leisure time than they did 15 years ago, while men are taking more time for themselves. That’s according to new data released by the Office for National Statistics in the UK this week, which shows that British men average five more hours of “leisure time” per week than women and still shoulder less of the unpaid work.

 The data, which looks at the year 2015, shows that adult men have around 43 hours of downtime per week on average, while women only have about 38 hours to themselves each week. And the disparity between the sexes has increased since the year 2000, the ONS said.

 “Leisure time for women could be less than for men because although women are more frequently engaged in part-time work than men, they spend more time completing unpaid work such as household chores and childcare,” the ONS said. “The hours spent on unpaid work are likely to replace those hours that could have been spent on leisure activities.”

 Leisure time was classed as “socializing, cultural activities, resting and taking time out, sports or outdoor pursuits, hobbies, computing and games, mass media, eating out and travel associated with these leisure activities.”