Things I Learned from Moving in with a Guy for the First Time

1. One of you will be the clean one. And that means one of you will be the dirty or the messy one by default. Because the clean one (my husband) will not put up with the habits of the messy one (me) – the clean one always seems to win.

 2. Cooking with someone else is 1,000 times better than doing it by and for yourself. My husband has opened my eyes to a culinary world beyond grilled chicken and cereal. Plus, washing the dishes is better when two people do it.

 3. You both will want some time away from each other. Maybe you prefer to work out alone or read on your couch uninterrupted. Whatever it is, it doesn’t mean you don’t like your S.O. anymore. It simply means you would like to watch Bravo in peace without judgment and without having to lay out a timeline of who got to choose what you both watched last.

 4. Bathroom time is weird, and there’s just no way around that. When we first moved in together, I tried to be discreet and hide my tampons in a decorative box in the bathroom, but now my husband just calls it my tampon treasure chest. So, yeah.

 5. My husband, who is sitting next me as I write this, wants me to say, “Splitting closet storage space 50/50 really means she gets 70 percent of all the room.” I can’t help that I have more things than he does.

 6. Unlike with past roommates, you don’t have to be passive-aggressive. Because you and your significant other can be more open with each other, you can just say to his face, “You peed on the toilet seat again. Stop doing that,” and there you go.