Rejected Oprah Campaign Slogans

Two of Oprah’s close friends told CNN that the former talk show host and current CEO of the cable channel “OWN” is  “actively thinking” about running for president. In case she does, she’ll need to have a few campaign slogns ready to go.


  • Undecided? Check under Your Seat!
  • Anybody Can Be President, Right?
  • Steadman Won’t Commit, But That Doesn’t Mean You Shouldn’t
  • Let’s Just Keep Getting Weirder
  • You Liked the Show, Remember?
  • Let’sTalk EVERYTHING Out
  • None of This Is Real
  • Hmm, Could Be Interesting
  • Let’s Give a Rich Person a Chance
  • Put Her in the White House, or She’ll Buy It
  • Just This One More and We Promise It Stops
  • She’s a Stable Genius!