Signs You Should Take a Break from Your Friends

1. The Littlest Things Annoy You. Whether they’re always late or put their feet up in your car, keeping all that bottled in can be a lot. Pretty soon, it’s possible you can explode. A break will help you react better. Just remember that no one is perfect!

 2. You Aren’t Laughing As Much. Your hangs may have become routine, so you need to break the routine to find the fun again.

 3. You Rely Too Much On Them. You may have noticed that you are texting your friend to hang every single day you. Depending on a friend to bring you all your entertainment can be exhausting. It’s prime time to cleanse yourself, and take a little “me” time.

 4. You Don’t Feel Like The Best Version of Yourself. We all have them: the friends who are mean girls. You may have started becoming friends because you all hated the same annoying teacher or coworker, now, you notice you just hate on everyone. Take a break to snap yourself out of this toxic version of yourself.

 5. They Never Want to Do What You Want to Do. If you notice that every outing your squad has gone on was something your friends wanted to do, that could be a problem. Your friends may be getting selfish, so be selfish too, and take a break.

 6. You Are Bored. To spice up your friendship, take some time off. It’s like a job. You need a vacation every once in awhile, so you can get back into the swing of things.

 7. They’re Always Judging You. Your friends should always accept you the way you are, so giving yourself some space from the negativity will be good for your well being.