Here’s Why Your Body Prefers Your Bathroom at Home

There’s nothing quite like home toilet advantage…

Do your bathroom habits change when you’re traveling? Yes, we’re talking about “travel constipation.” And a lot of people just had to deal with it over the holidays. So WHY does it happen?

According to experts, there are three main reasons it can be harder to go when you’re not at home . . .

1. Your diet changes. You’re more likely to eat foods you’re not used to when you’re traveling. That can confuse the microbiome in your gut and slow things down. Around the holidays, CHEESE can also be a big factor.

2. Traveling messes with your sleep patterns. Which can also mess with your digestive system and affect how fast food moves through your gut.

3. Subconsciously, you just don’t feel as safe in unfamiliar bathrooms. So it’s harder to relax and let things happen. But that can change suddenly as soon as you get home.

Studies have found that familiar sights, sounds, and smells in your home can flip a switch in your brain and make you comfortable again.

That’s why some people have bathroom issues their whole trip, or have trouble going at work. Then they get home, and their body immediately decides it’s go time. (The Atlantic)