Exposing Kids To Healthy Food Encourages Better Eating Habits

If you want your kid to have healthy eating habits you’ll want to get them on the right track at a young age. University at Buffalo researchers reviewed 40 studies on how infants and young children develop a taste for healthy foods, and found to get them to like fruits and vegetables you should repeatedly expose them to a variety of healthy foods during pregnancy, infancy and early childhood. Study author Stephani Anzman-Frasca explains that during pregnancy, the flavors of a mother’s diet “reach the child in utero, so if she’s eating a healthy diet, the fetus does get exposed to those flavors, getting the child used to them.” In addition, breast-feeding also gives infants exposure to flavors of healthy foods, and continuing the healthy food exposure after infancy is key to getting kids to like foods even if they shun them initially. (UPI