Things Guys Always Say and What They Actually Mean, as Decoded by a Guy

 1. He says: I don’t want a relationship.

What he means: I don’t want a relationship with you.

 2. He says: I don’t want to hurt you.

What he means: I’m sick of being with you, but I don’t dislike you so hopefully, you won’t key my car.

 3. He says: Sorry, I was busy.

What he means: I was playing video games.

 4. He says: We have a good thing going and I don’t think we should put a label on it.

What he means: We have an okay thing going and I still want to flirt with other girls.

 5. He says: I never meant to hurt you.

What he means: Your feelings honestly didn’t even occur to me until right this minute.

 6. He says: Maybe, let me check my schedule.

What he means: Let’s see if I can get out of this.

 7. He says: No, you pick

What he means: You pick because if I pick you’re going to complain, but you won’t pick so I’ll pick and you’ll still get pissed.

 8. He says: We’ll see.

What he means: We will not see. It’ a solid no from me, I just don’t want to have to tell you that right now, and it’s quite possible that something better will come along before then. I really need to keep my options open.