Scouting The Huskies: Quarterback

By: Thomas Frank Carr

Beat Writer

The Nittany Lions take on the University of Washington in the Playstation Fiesta Bowl on Saturday December 30th. Most Penn State fans have not seen Washington this year so reporter Thomas Frank Carr has studied the film to find out more about the 10-2 Huskies.

Today we are taking a look at the quarterback

Overall Position Grade : B-

It is it the chicken or the egg? Do the Washington receivers not get open, or does Jake Browning not throw them open? Is he struggling this year because of the lack of talent he’s working with, or was his talent last year covering up for his shortcomings? It’s probably a bit of all of that, but Jake Browning struggled this year as the quarterback of the Washington Huskies.

Jake Browning

6’2”, 210 lbs

Stats to Know: 2,544 passing, 18-5 TD/INT, 69% completion
188 rushing yards (148 lost) 6 TDs 16 sacks


Plenty of people will label Jake Browning with the ‘game manager’ moniker due to his lack of elite physical arm talent and average size. Unlike most game managers though, Browning tries to make the big plays both with his arm and with his legs. There’s a bit of Johnny Manziel in his DNA that compels him to run wildly behind the line of scrimmage, buying time to extend the play. Sometimes this works and he finds a receiver for a key 1st down or touchdown. Sometimes it’s disastrous and leads to a huge loss of yards. This is not his biggest though. . Browning does not throw into tight windows or have the ability to throw to a receiver until they’re clearly open. This is why he holds onto the ball so long in the pocket and why he makes such poor decisions outside the framework of the play. Getting to Jake Browning and forcing him to make a mistake is the key to winning the game for Penn State. If given time and a clean pocket, he can be an effective quarterback. But confuse his reads and pressure him and he can’t adjust.

Completely Arbitrary Individual Positional Skills:

  • Speed: B
  • Arm Strength B-
  • Agility B
  • Acceleration B+
  • Footwork C+
  • Decision Making B
  • Vs pressure D
  • Accuracy B
  • Consistency C+