5 Types of Fights That All Couples Have


1. YOU HAVE DIFFERENT FINANCIAL PRIORITIES. You want to book the cheap hotel on your next vacation, while she wants to book the luxe resort. Having different ideas about what to do with money is totally normal, but it’s important to make your feelings known so you do not start to collect resentment. You may not win every preference difference, but sharing your needs is healthy.

 2. YOU LOAD THE DISHWASHER DIFFERENTLY. Okay, maybe it’s not the dishwasher specifically, but we all have our own way of doing things-squeezing the toothpaste, making the bed, separating the recycling-that can drive our partner crazy. Ultimately, you have to pick your battles. If the battle is worth fighting, explain why your way is so important to you.

 3. YOU HAVE DIFFERENT SEX DRIVES. Sex is never a problem until you aren’t having it-then it becomes the elephant in the room. If you can navigate this discussion early on, the elephant won’t appear as much. Find the fine line of stretching for your partner without feeling resentful or taken advantage of.

4. YOU HAVE DIFFERENT SOCIAL SCHEDULES. Most couples have some degree of discrepancy on how much time they want to spend alone vs. together. Again, it’s better to address this early on. Brainstorm together on how you can stay connected and still meet your individual goals.

 5. YOU HAVE DIFFERENT DEFINITIONS OF “CLEAN”. If your ideas of tidiness differ, it can cause a constant argument. Don’t blame or shame your partner. In other words, telling them they’re horrible for leaving their socks on the floor isn’t the way to go. Instead, help your partner understand how their habits affect you.