Signs You’re Stuck in a Relationship Rut (and How to Get Past It)

1. You don’t look forward to spending time together. Instead of reading your lack of enthusiasm as a sign you need to break up, consider it a much-needed warning that you both need to be more proactive about planning time together. To that end, find a new hobby you’re both interested in. Slowly, you’ll start reconnecting.

 2. You compare your relationship to others. In the age of Instagram, it’s easy to assume your couple friends are so much happier than you and your partner. Instead of concentrating on how many “likes” couples are getting, get out of your own routine.

 3. You text more than you talk. If you find yourself texting each other when you are at home together instead of talking to each other, this may be a sign that you relationship with your smartphone is encroaching on your partnership. Take some time when you are together to put your phones away and talk.

 4. You’re confiding in other people. Ask yourself why you stopped wanting to tell your partner things: Are there trust issues? If it’s a lack of uninterrupted time together, you may have to schedule some catch-up time. And if they don’t pay attention when you want to talk, be sure to bring it up in a way that’s noncritical.

 5. Your sex life isn’t much to write home about. If you’re experiencing a sex rut, simply trying something new in the bedroom could help. Routines can find their way into the bedroom, which can promote comfort and closeness, but can rob a relationship of the novelty it needs. Thinking about new ways to physically connect can help strengthen your bond.