Do You Have “Selfitis”?

The Obsessive Need to Post Selfies Is a Genuine Mental Disorder. Here’s How You Can Test Yourself

Chances are you might have “selfitis” – a genuine mental condition that makes a person feel compelled to constantly take photos and post them on social media, psychologists say. The term has been around since 2014 to describe obsessive selfie-taking but has not been backed by science until now. Researchers investigated the term and discovered six motivating factors. Experts have even developed a “Selfitis Behavior Scale” to asses how badly a person has the condition.

 Here’s how you can tell if you have selfitis. Answer the following 10 questions on a scale of one to five, where five is strongly agree and one is strongly disagree. At the end add up all of your scores. The higher your score, the greater the likelihood that you suffer from selfitis.

 1.   Taking selfies gives me a good feeling to better enjoy my environment

2.   Sharing my selfies creates healthy competition with my friends and colleagues

3.   I gain enormous attention by sharing my selfies on social media

4.   I am able to reduce my stress level by taking selfies

5.   I feel confident when I take a selfie

6.   I gain more acceptance among my peer group when I take selfies and share them on social media

7.   I am able to express myself more in my environment through selfies

8.   Taking different selfie poses helps increase my social status

9.    I feel more popular when I post my selfies on social media

10. Taking more selfies improves my mood and makes me feel happy