What Does a Healthy Relationship Look Like? Experts Weigh In

1. You have realistic expectations about love. Falling in love is easy. Staying in love is another matter. Anticipating inevitable relationship challenges and having a plan to overcome them together (without overreacting) is the sign of a solid relationship.

 2. You don’t take the little things personally. Rather than assume the worst, healthy couples will ascribe the best possible motive in the face of mistakes.

 3. You take responsibility instead of always shifting blame. Each partner will recognize a problem and look first to how they may have contributed to it. Healthy couples look to their contribution first before asking where their partner fell short.

 4. You feel secure in the relationship because you trust each other. Both partners have a deep trust and belief in the other person’s loyalty and veracity and are not jealous or suspicious. They know their partner is trying to protect the relationship.

 5. You go out of your way for each other. Putting your own needs first or being bitter about prioritizing your partner’s needs is a formula for disaster. Loving people do mutual caretaking.

 6. You can talk openly about anything. Sex, money, frustrations, desires. Healthy couples want to know what the other thinks and feels even though the truth might be upsetting.

 7. When you fight, you fight fair. They can argue about something important without showing disrespect to the other person. A healthy couple can debate issues ― even raise their voices ― but never hurls insults.