Rejected Royal Caribbean Cruises Slogans

If a 6% chance of getting violently ill sounds like good odds, your ship has unfortunately already sailed: The latest outbreak of gastrointestinal illness on the high seas struck Royal Caribbean’s Independence of the Seas, with at least 332 affected on the five-night cruise. They’re doing their best to put a positive spin on things with an aggressive new marking campaign, but they’re having trouble coming up with a slogan. Here are some of the ones they rejected:

  • Nobody’s Perfect
  • At Least We Didn’t Hit an Iceberg
  • Just Get On the Boat, Jerk!
  • Haven’t You Always Wanted to Vomit in Aruba?
  • We Get Paid Even If You Get Sick!
  • The Fun (and Explosive Diarrhea) Never Stops!
  • Hold My Hair!
  • We’ll Leave a Bucket Out for Ya
  • Medical Personnel Onboard
  • The Ship Itself Is Structurally Sound
  • Expect a Full Recovery!