Reasons Women Pull Away Emotionally

You aren’t supporting her in her career

Supporting her in her career doesn’t just mean asking how her day was and remaining silent until she’s done talking. It means engaging. A partner who loves her job doesn’t want to leave it at the office and she doesn’t want you to pretend she left it there.

 You monopolize the social calendar

You fill up your calendar with events that include your friends or your work events, assuming your partner will come, and leave no open days for date night, or something your partner wanted to do.

 You never want to socialize

You’re a homebody. You don’t want to put in the effort to make conversation with anyone besides your partner. You’re a bit of a grouch, actually, and don’t really like many people. So your partner is forced to go out with you or stay in with you but she can never have the best of both worlds.

 You let career-related depression consume you

You’re down about a setback in your career and you let it consume you. You stop engaging in conversation. You are in a bad mood all of the time. Everything you say is negative. You’re spewing your negativity everywhere and not realizing that you’re bringing your partner down with you.

 You do not listen

If you’re not a good listener, then, as a man, you’ve got nothing-as far as relationships go. When a woman can tell you don’t listen, she won’t bother forcing you too. She’ll just pull away, and find another man to talk to.