Huge Differences between Men Who Commit and the Ones Who Never Will

1. Is he secure in himself?

Men who can commit: He’s secure in himself. He feels positive about who he is and knows that he has a lot to offer. He isn’t cocky or needy – he’s simply comfortable in his own skin.

Men who won’t commit: He’s cocky and feels entitled. Or he’s insecure, bitter and jaded. He isn’t rooted in the world as an individual and he can’t be committed to you.

 2. Does he appreciate women?

Men who can commit: He’s not still mad at his high school girlfriend or his ex-wife. He views women as equals and appreciates the relationships he has with them.

Men who won’t commit: He views women as property or as problems. His viewpoints of women skew negatively, and his experiences with relationships range from bad to horrific.

 3. How does he handle his past trauma?

Men who can commit: He’s had heartbreak, but it’s not holding him back. He’s not sitting around sulking. He moves on. He bounces back and recovers from life’s aches and pains.

Men who won’t commit: He’s weighed down by his problems. He struggles to find the silver lining. He lets his past hold him back.

 4. Is he open to love?

Men who can commit: He wants to love and be loved in return. He doesn’t find it cumbersome, annoying or frightening. He’s confident in his ability to give and receive.

Men who won’t commit: He’s frightened or annoyed by love. He finds it scary or too “clingy.” He doesn’t want to give of himself too much, although he may or may not be okay with taking from someone else.