You’re More Likely to Get Divorced if You or Your Partner Has One of These Jobs


Their job entails late nights, lots of alcohol, and interaction with many different people. Plus, bartenders often rely on tips, so they have ample incentive to be “friendly” with customers. Bartenders listen to other people’s problems, which can open a door to an affair.


Flight attendants are away often, meet many potential affair candidates, and don’t make time for their spouse due to their travel schedule. It’s not unusual for flight attendants to have affairs with other crew members.


Telemarketers have apparently drawn the short straw in life: They get to listen to people all day who hang up on them, yell at them, and be discourteous, then they have to go home and be kind in their marriage. Work does spill over into life, and it can either build you up or break you down. Many debt collectors also get divorced, I think for similar reasons.


Any profession that puts you in a casino can lead to marital problems, thanks to the prevalence of alcohol plus the degree of interaction you have with gamblers. Irregular hours-including night shift work-might also pose a problem, because it makes it difficult to have a consistent life at home.