How to Survive Your Office Holiday Party without Doing Anything Stupid

You can drink, but keep it light

Don’t be the drunk employee whose behavior will be the center of workplace gossip on Monday. Consuming just one drink per hour is a simple way to manage your intake. Also, keep the emphasis on office, not party.

 Network with higher-ups and lesser-known colleagues

It’s a good opportunity for you to mingle with people like the higher-ups and the people you don’ see every day who can be influential in your life. And after getting those conversations started, it’s wise to send them a follow-up note on the next workday.

 Don’t take any risks with your outfit

Keeping it appropriate – your apparel should depend on the venue and your typical office attire. Even though this is a party, it’ a holiday and you’e having a good time, you can’t loose sight of the fact that office holiday parties are a work function.

 Thank the host – but don’t waste his or her time

Depending on your workplace, the host for these events is often the executives or CEO. As etiquette typically mandates for any kind of party, it’ vital to thank the host for putting on such a celebration, experts said. So if you see the host have a moment of free time, approach him or her and thank them for organizing the event, experts said.