Benefits of Being a Redhead

Santa might be the most famous redhead in the world. Yes, he was a ginger before he went white. So I guess that makes this SOMEWHAT topical.

According to a new book called “The Big Redhead Book”, here are four benefits of being born with red hair . . .

1. Redheads are better at producing vitamin D. They produce it faster when they’re out in the sun than other people do. And low vitamin D levels have been linked to depression, diabetes, and bone issues. Redheads also tend to burn faster though.

2. They have a higher pain tolerance. A study in 2003 found redheaded women could tolerate up to 25% more pain than blondes or brunettes could.

3. Red is the hardest hair color to fake. It has to do with the size of the molecules in the dye. And red dye also tends to fade faster than other colors.

4. You have a better chance of making it as a commercial actor if you’re a redhead. A study in 2014 found 30% of the commercials that air in prime time feature at least one redhead. And that’s a lot, since redheads only make up 2% of the world’s population.

(NY Post)