Requiem for the Rathskeller

  I can’t believe the Skeller is going away. Even though I haven’t been in the Skellerfor a few years, when I heard the news hit me like a ton of bricks. I feel like part of my youth just died.  That was my go-to place when I was in college. Nearly every Friday of senior year, I’d meet my friend Ed right after I finished my Sociology class and he finished his shift in Waring Dining Commons. We’d meet up and head to the Skeller, and that’s where we’d start our weekend.  Good times. 

I saw so many great bands there: Queen Bee and the Blue Hornet Band, Felon, Stolyn Hours, Stept-On—Heck, they might have still been called Badwrench back then. Memories are a little hazy but if you were there, you understand.

At some point though, you stop hanging out in college bars. If you stop seeing the creepy old guy in the bar , it’s because you’ve become the creepy old guy. But it was always comforting to know the Skeller was there if I wanted it. I thought the Skeller was like the Nittany Lion Shrine—maybe not eternal, but here long before I arrived, and I figured it would be here long after I was gone. Well, at least we all have our memories.