Is Ice Cream Okay When You Have a Cold? Asking for a friend.

Ice cream is good for a sore throat, because it numbs the pain. That’s why they let you eat it after you get your tonsils out.

But it has dairy. So is it still okay to eat it when you have a cold? Well, it turns out the idea that dairy creates more phlegm is probably just a MYTH.

A study way back in 2005 found people with colds didn’t have runnier noses, produce more mucus, or cough up more gunk if they drank milk while they were sick.

Some people in the study THOUGHT they did, but it wasn’t really true. They just convinced themselves they had more mucus, because they believed the myth. And other studies have had similar results.

The one time dairy HAS been shown to produce more phlegm is if you’re ALLERGIC to it. But if that’s the case, you shouldn’t have it in general. Whether you’re sick or not is irrelevant.

So if you catch a cold and have a sore throat, go ahead and dig into some ice cream if you want to. It should help your throat without making your other symptoms worse. (NY Times / NCBI)