Reasons You’re Attracted to Jerks

Your self-respect is shaky.

Jerks have a way of sensing lack of self-respect and taking advantage. Respect yourself, and expect it from others.

 You’re a sucker for good looks.

Individuals are also hardwired to favor good-looking people. It’s human nature. The problem is, external beauty is not a reliable predictor of internal goodness.

 You’re not listening to your friends and family members.

When you were dating a jerk before, people who cared about you said, “Why are with this person?” Listen to those who are trying to protect you and want the best for you.

 You’re too willing to compromise.

Compromise is important. But compromising about weekend plans or work schedules does NOT mean compromising about a person’s basic behavior.

 You hate being alone.

Some people loathe the thought of being single the rest of their lives. The thinking goes that, “A not-so-great partner is better than none at all.” Not true. Expand your social network, and date better prospects.

 You think you can transform a jerk into a decent human being.

Maybe you’re a starry-eyed romantic. Maybe you’re codependent and need someone to “fix.” It’s always possible for someone to become better and nicer, but it’s not likely if that person isn’t even aware of his/her need to change.