Save 20% On AVERAGE On Your Next Home with This ONE WEIRD TRICK

Apologies for the blatant clickbait-y title, but… want to get yourself a good house for CHEAP?  Just find one on a street like Weiner Cutoff Road in Weiner, Arkansas . . . Butt Road in Fort Wayne, Indiana . . . or Katie Crotch Road in New Portland, Maine?  Yes, those are all real.

According to a new study, houses on streets with EMBARRASSING names sell for less than similar houses on streets with normal names.

Some students in Australia analyzed 47 years of property records and found that houses on embarrassing streets sell for an average of 20% below their market value.  That’s pretty significant . . . you’d get $100,000 off of a $500,000 house.

The study also found that 33% of people say they absolutely would NOT live on a street with a funny or sexual name.

(ABC News Australia)