Ways to Become a Successful Flirt

Just relax. Have fun! Be lighthearted, funny, and entertaining. Make this person eager to talk to you again. Flirting is being playful.

 Radiate confidence. Successful flirts have a positive outlook on life. You need to transmit this feel-good factor in your words and approach. An optimistic attitude attracts everyone.

 Give out genuine compliments, and do it often. Suddenly doors fly open when you make them feel good about themselves. This person will want to spend more time with you and if he/she pays you a compliment, say thank you. Don’t be self-depreciating.

 Listen. Pay attention to what they have to say and ask appropriate questions. Get them to open up and talk about themselves. Be sincerely interested.

 Don’t be rude. Flirting does not include being sexually explicit nor taking offense if the person isn’t responding to you. If there’s no interest, take the hint and move on. If you get a lot of rejections, you should probably consider a different approach.

 Send an email after you chat. It’s similar to sending a thank you note or a gift, and it is vital to successful flirting. Don’t try to go too fast.