Things That Good Houseguests Never Ever Do

Things That Good Houseguests Never Ever Do

It’s houseguest season! But togetherness has its limits, and if you’re the guest, you don’t want to push those limits.

 1. Expect their host to be their daily tour guide. The best houseguests are self-sufficient. They know which sights they want to see, did their research on which restaurants they want to try and aren’t afraid to take a subway without their host pointing the way.

 2. Forget to show up with a gift. In all likelihood, your hosts have stepped up their game in preparation of your arrival. The least you can do is arrive with a gift. A bottle of wine or flowers is fine.

 3. Assume that room comes with board. Being able to save money on a hotel is a fabulous way to travel on a budget. Don’t arrive thinking that all your meals are included, too. Be grateful for the morning coffee, but don’t let anything stop you from buying groceries or chipping in a fair share.

 4. Expect their host to accommodate their picky eating. Whatever diet you adhere to is your business. But if you aren’t prepared to eat what’s served, ask where the nearest supermarket is and go pick up the things that you will eat.

 5. Assume their host should clean up after them. Good houseguests understand they are staying in someone’s home, not a hotel that provides daily maid service. Make your own bed, wash out your coffee cup, offer to help in meal preparation.

 6. Open drawers to find things or start helping themselves to food in the pantry without asking first. Some hosts have a “make yourself at home” attitude. But think twice before you start helping yourself. Respect your host’s privacy. And do not use your host’s phone, computer or any other equipment without asking.