Bad Relationship Habits You Need to Kick Before Getting Married

Bad habit No. 1: Expecting your partner to read your mind. Stop thinking you should get things you want without having to ask. Yes, it’s nice when your spouse anticipates your needs. But none of us is married to a mind reader.

 Bad habit No. 2: Trying to make your partner jealous. When you try to make your partner jealous as a punishment or to get their attention, you undermine the security of the relationship.

 Bad habit No. 3: Constantly asking your partner if they love you. You can say “I love you” and hope he or she says it back. But asking to be told all the time can make you seem insecure. It also pressures your partner in a way that may stifle the genuine moments of wanting to express love.

 Bad habit No. 4: Getting stuck in a boring routine. Before you get married, start having adventures. Break up the routine, try adventures where you are forced to step out of your comfort zone.

 Bad habit No. 5: Playing the blame game. The opposite of blaming is taking responsibility for your own actions, and that is the hallmark of a mature and emotionally healthy relationship.

 Bad habit No. 6: Mindlessly checking your phone. “We” time can be in short enough supply as it is. Make the time you spend together count.

 Bad habit No. 7: Threatening to leave when the going gets tough. When dating, some people threaten to leave the relationship when they’re losing a fight or wrestling with difficult issues. But once you’re on the road to marriage, you need to drop that tactic and view the problems as issues for “us” to address.