7 Reasons We Think We’ll Never Find Love (& Why You Shouldn’t Give Up!)

1. Fear of the unknown. We will only take active steps towards the unknown if we genuinely believe that the discomforts of standing still are greater than moving forward in a new direction. Successful people “feel the fear and do it anyway,” as they say.

 2. Lack of trust in ourselves. Deep down some part of us holds back because of old programming that cause us to feel unworthy of love, success, happiness, and fulfillment. Successful people trust themselves and believe they are worthy of success.

 3. We don’t want to leave our comfort zone. Our routines make us feel secure. So there’s some discomfort whenever change requires us to do things differently. Successful people are willing to take risks and experience discomfort to get what they want.

 4. Doubting the benefits and rewards. We will be complacent if we don’t believe that the rewards of making the change are worth the trouble involved. Successful people are driven to achieve their goals and are energized by taking action towards them.

 5. We underestimate the process. Change is never just one thing; it’s a lot of connected things and often we don’t know what may come up in the process. Successful people do what it takes and keep going when the going gets tough.

 6. We fear failure. But success is never a straight line. Successful people embrace mistakes and failure as a necessary part of learning along the path towards success.

 7. We don’t commit. Success requires commitment. Successful people commit to their goals and do what it takes to be successful.